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Hosted by Nekomatata Games The Weekly Game Jam is an online game-making event that runs every week. A new theme is given every Friday and the jam lasts 6 days. Participants create games based on the theme within the given time frame Weekly Game Jam. Weekly Game Jam. WGJ Official website | Website Support WGJ on Patreon and propose themes | Patreon Organized by Nekomatata Games | Website | Twitter | Itch.io. Weekly Jams! Join the current Itch.io jam: Week 199 - 'Monarchy' Previous Jams: Week 198 - 'Descent' Week 197 - 'Delivery' Week 196 - 'Strange Recipe' Week 195 - 'Boomerang' Week 194 - 'Tiny Boat' Week 193 - 'Turn. The Weekly Game Jam is a weekly game-making challenge. Make a game or prototype in a week - stress free. Whether you decide to jam with friends or go rogue, remember to have fun. Use the weekly theme as inspiration and start building

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Hinweise und Kommentare zu meine eingereichten Spielen im wöchentlich abgehaltenen Weekly Game Jam auf itch.io Hier meine eigene Seite auf Itch.io: https://l.. Weekly Game Jam 165. Run game. made for Game Jam of the Week 165 (1 button mash).. so mash that Up Arrow button a bunch to stoke the Rocket's atomic furnace... (maybe) its a concept that i've been working on for 2 years now.. retro style space adventure.. and I'm not much of a coder, but remade the whole concept again from scratch. about the 4th time I've done this, and always gotten. Play Run Robo Run https://vimlark.itch.io/run-robo-runI made this game for the 8 Bits to Infinity 2 Button Game Jam. For this jam the theme was 3 chiptune so..

That is 4/176, that is in the top 2,27% of all games submitted! I feel like game jams with ratings are incredibly rewarding. even if you score low, you have some tangible categories to work on. I really appreciated some extensive feedback from fellow gam jammers. Thanks to to organizers of the jam! I shall be back! Get Weekly Game Jam #150 - AZRAE This is a devlog for my game MOUNTAIN CLAMMER. It was made in one week for Weekly Game Jam 146. The theme of this jam was Mountain Climber, which I put a spin on to create this challenging. Weekly Game Jam 168 Dragon-something. Run game. Rescue the princess.. made for Weekly Game Jam 168.... goals.. I want the peasent character to run away from the Dragon, drop their sack, and I want the sack to be able to catch fire.. that and a basic player controller this week and i'll be happy. (.. eh, I got about half my goals completed this week. so not bad) controls. Q&E to zoom in or out.

Entry for the Weekly Game Jam 164 - Hurl. Hurl yourself towards the goal and get as many points before time runs out. Careful you don't hurt yourself or the goal with your bullets. Aim and jump by mouse. Horizontal movement with A and D---Another one jam completed! :D. This time I wanted to learn about the the Unity Particle System but didn't enough time. Next time I'll also figure out how to. Weekly Game Jam 198, gonna revist and update my totally in Klingon game.. Weekly Game Jam 169 Organia: Trail of Blood and Honor by DerrickMoore (itch.io) follow along, help out or make suggestions at my Discord.. the version from Orktober (Jam 169) makes a bit more sence and works better, I'd try that one first. https://discord.gg/UZnfkwwC . Day 12Game Jam is over, but I'm still spending. This is a submission by Vedjgnab, TheMatttMan, and Treekanicko for Weekly Game Jam #144 made in Godot! Our first game! This is a small puzzle-platformer where the player is exploring a dark cave and needs to bounce a light beam all the way to the end. Use the WASD keys to move, the space bar to jump, and the mouse to aim your mirror! All assets in the game were home-brewed, except the tilemaps. My first game jam, and only second game ever made.... be kind :P I will be updating right up to the deadline... be sure to play when the jam is over for the final version. Made for Weekly Game Jam 188 who's theme was Tree House. Play it on full screen Weekly Game Jam 169 Organia: Trail of Blood and Honor Restore game. Run game. think Oregon Trail in Space, but it's entirely in Klingon. hit Y for instructions/help screen . 7,8,9,0 are speed controls. 1-5 are camera zoom controls. WAsD and F for ship controls.. others.. hit Y. goals.. Have a screen at the begining of game where Player can outfit their ship with crew, shuttles, etc. and.

weekly game jam is well a weekly game jam. anyone can participate. every monday there will be a theme. your game must contain the theme. then you have untill friday to make the game. i never thaut that i have to say this but only ONE submission per person. starting week 22. the theme: escape. #games. gudges @nooborscratch @Smish89 Submission to Weekly Game Jam ( $100 Prize ) Week 170; Weekly Game Jam 170 ET Run game (still have a few errors and no end game.. hoping to fix that tonight) homage to Howard Warshaw's E.T. the Extraterrestrial. Based on Howard S. Warshaw's Atari 2600 classic, ET must find and assemble the 3 pieces of the space-communicator without running out of energy.. ET must avoid the Orange Scientist. GitHub is where people build software. More than 56 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects

Weekly Game Jam - Week 197 - itch

My first game jam project, Small Islands. The source code of my first Game jam project ! It's a game called Small Islands made in 4 days with Unity, during mid-april 2018, for the Weekly Game Jam #40 with the theme Small World. You can play the game by building it yourself in Unity, or just play it online on the itchi.o page of the game. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 147; Gloom(Weekly Game Jam 147) Run GLOOM. Support This GLOOM. WELCOME TO GLOOM. This is a game I made for the Weekly Game Jam 147, the theme was: 'Invisible'. The theme interpretation: The goal in this game is to get back the light which was stolen and to enlighten every place a bit at a time. It's a 2d Platformer, you are the only light(the enemies have a.

Weekly Game Jam - Week 196 - itch

  1. Entry for the Weekly Game Jam 162 - Crabs. You are a marine photographer and need to take pictures of crabs. Your company has equipped you with and underwater drone with a camera underneath. Dodge the plastic bags and take photos of the crabs. If you hit too many bags the rotors will get jammed and you will have to send it away to get fixed. ---My first game jam game submitted on time! The.
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  3. Weekly Game Jam 174 Dungeons of P'ONG. Restore game. Run game. Work in progress Game jam of the Week 174. just PONG.. with some boxes and a kind of Advneture.. well, I got almost everything done quite early, and started experimenting with moving the world around, and adding a Bad Guy Castle, which was made of Breakout blocks.. I was gonna put the Sword in the Castle, and Player could grab it.
  4. utes! Race the clock to find the magic gemstone to save the region, or at least a magic hourglass to buy yourself more time. Made in a week for weekly game jam 42, total development time was around 40 hours for code and 20 hours.
  5. Roots - Weekly Game Jam 166. Support This Jamgame. This is my submission for weekly game jam 166. It is my first game jam ever. Tried and failed to set up a team, I went alone and did all the aesthetics myself. The results speak for themselves. Hovever I am super happy to have been able to make a simple game in a single day. Please go easy on me in the comments :-) More information. Status.
  6. TheSpy - 150 Weekly Game Jam Version. Run game. Be a spy and try to overthrow the dictator (it is not possible for the moment :') ). On this card game you have to take choices. You will also discover many stories. This game was made under the 150 Weekly Game Jam event which had has theme : 'You're the Enemy' To play, you have to swipe cards with the mouse (or your finger in you are on.

Weekly Game Jam - Week 195 - itch

Made for Weekly Game Jam 154. A rock paper scissors game that is not what it seems to be. Made for Weekly Game Jam 154. Available for Windows. View all by PumpkinBear111 Games Creator; Follow PumpkinBear111 Games Follow Following. Game jam platform for developers and creatives to collaborate and share their games with the world. JAMS GAMES COMMUNITY. HOST A JAM UPLOAD A GAME. Sign Up Log In. #ELEVATEYOURGAME JAM. Hosted by Mopub. 261. Joined. 21. Submissions. Developers will always fully own their content on gamejam.com ️. Weekly Game Jam #70 - Theme Ancient Techology. So I finally sat down and tried to play this from start to end. I made a bad decision with a prefab with ended up making some of my levels not continue on correctly and some tabs display a 1 instead of a 3 :( Weekly Game Jam #156 - Russian Noodlette ← Return to Weekly Game Jam #156 - Russian Noodlette. Devlog. Devlog Weekly Game Jame #156 July 05, 2020 by misterG420. Weekly Game Jam #156 - Russian Noodlette Day 1 : I missed day one (Friday) because I thought I didn't have any time to work on another game jam for the coming week. Day 2: Out of curiosity, I checked... Continue reading. itch.io.

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  1. Install instructions. Press download. Run the file that comes out
  2. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 168; Pass the torch! - Weekly Game Jam 168. Support This Game. This is an endless runner for two players. One player starts playing, then at some point the message Pass the torch! appears and the other player takes over. If one player fails, one point is given to the other and vice versa. Left player uses W to jump and S to duck. Right player uses up and.
  3. Weekly Game Jam Week 118 - Spaceship. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price [EXPECT BUGS, THIS GAME WAS MADE WITHIN A SHORT SPACE OF TIME] Delve into this simplistic, 8-bit spaceship game; Fight hordes of enemy ships and upgrade your ship until you're an unstoppable force. The game, simply titled Spaceship pits you against enemies in the depths of space. How far.
  4. A trivia game about noodles. Contribute to ItsSeaJay/weekly-game-jam-156 development by creating an account on GitHub

This was made for the Weekly Game Jam and is an updated version of Migni must live... (The Weekly Jam was a little longer than the Simple Jam, so I had time to add a whole new mechanic and track) Controls: WASD: Move Space: Jump Mouse: Target??? Wait, I didn't know this was in there! Is this a sign of misfortune? Are those insects trying to sabotage my plans? Credits: Magnet model comes from. View all by Cloud Based Dev Creator; Follow Cloud Based Dev Follow Following Cloud Based Dev Following; Add To Collection Collection; Comments; Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 191; Submission to Dani's Basement Jam #

Time your shot perfectly . Use Right button to spawn a bomb . Click left mouse button to throw the bomb. Don't throw it near your wall or it'll take some damag Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 146; The Edge (Weekly Game Jam-Week 146) Run game. Support This Game. Traverse the terrain of the mountainside as a snowman head looking for its body. Throw snowballs at evil flying ice creatures who stole your body. Game Controls: W = up. S = down. A = left. D = right . Space = shoot snowball. Shift = toggle slow motion. More information. Status: Released.

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True_RetroDEV's entry into Week 122 of the Itch.io WEEKLY GAME JAM. The theme of this jam was One Action. Hence, the creation of Big Guns Big Guns is a 2D action platformer with heavy inspiration from classics such as Super Meat Boy and Contra (Probotector). The game has a kinetic pace and tough-as-nails platforming sections akin to those of the classics from the early 90s. To fit the. I didn't see the theme of the Jam on this one. I have to admit that some people didn't explained well the controls and you even did configurable controls, that's great This is my entry for the 153rd Weekly Game Jam on itch.io. In this top-down shooter, you play as a randomly chosen playing card who has their RPG-Styled stats determined by April; the girl who rolls the dice. Even the weapon you choose and the Casino-themed enemy types you'll encounter in the hand-crafted dungeon level Literally a game where you cant walk backwards! Navigate 7 levels where every forward step you take is permanent. This is my first game posted here so any constructive criticism is welcome. Controls: WAD: Move. R: Restart Level. Esc: Quit game. This game was made for week 92 (One Direction) of the weekly game jam

Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 175; Weekly Game Jam #175 - Two Button Fyzics Ball. A downloadable Fyzics. More information. Status: In development: Author: Cinos: Download. Download. Two_Button_Fyzics_Ball.exe 2 MB. Community. Post first topic. itch.io · View all by Cinos · Report · Embed. Games › Free. Weekly Game Jam 25 Reflect! Camelot Crawl » Devlog. 2018-01-01 by Super8BitRafa (@super8bitrafa) Share this post: So yeah here I am with my third game in a month -_- The good news is that I'm getting better at making games! The bad news is I have no social life whatsoever. Camalot Court It has been a little over 24 hours since I started my game jam for this week. I would have started earlier. I could only work on this in two days, I'm very embarassed. Enjoy Welcome to PyWeek, a bi-annual game jam to write games in Python. The PyWeek challenge: Invites entrants to write a game in one week from scratch either as an individual or in a team, Is intended to be challenging and fun, Will hopefully increase the public body of game tools, code and expertise, Will let a lot of people actually finish a game, and; May inspire new projects (with ready made.

Weekly Game Jam 165 by DerrickMoor

Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 127; Related games Related; Pixel feelings (Weekly Game Jam 127) Run game. The world is a combination of grey and colorful pixels; you are a colorful one. Every time 2 pixels touch, they change a little. Your mission is to help all grey pixels regain color! Careful tho, you wouldn't want to lose your color. In Pixel Feelings your mission is to make everyone. Weekly Game Jam 19. 2017-11-23 After months of procrastination, I finally decide to take part in a game jam (just 2 weeks before my end semester exams), and registered my name for the WGJ19 and got ready for the theme release. Exactly at 10:30pm on 16th November, the theme for the game jam - Attraction - was released. Spent a good day to jot down all interpretations of the them that. Weekly Game Jam - Wk 154. A downloadable game for Windows. More information. Status: Released: Platforms: Windows: Author: MasterT5000: Genre: Platformer: Tags: 2D, My First Game Jam: Install instructions. Unzip the files and run GameJam Wk154.exe. Download. Download. GameJam Week154.zip 22 MB. Leave a comment. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. itch.io · View all by MasterT5000. Weekly Game Jam Ghost Story A downloadable game for Windows. Weekly gamejam submission. Ghost Story is the theme Lost Spirits is the game of the game. More information. Status: Released: Platforms: Windows: Author: GrayGriffon: Genre: Interactive Fiction: Download. Download. GhostStory.zip 14 MB. Comments . Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. vvrvvd 2 years ago. I hadn't thought I.

Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu My submission for the Weekly Game Jam 149 (theme: Last One Left). This is my first time participating in a game jam. I hope you enjoy the game! This game does have a good end scenario, so don't give up until you find it. Two players are recommended. Although, for those of you alone during quarantine, you can technically beat it solo if you use both of your hands. :) In this game, you play as. Stalk Lock - Weekly Game Jam #32 Submission. A downloadable game for Windows and macOS. Download Now Name your own price. Stalk Lock is a short, sweet, and simple puzzle game that explores removing singular keys from the player. To pursue WGJ#32's theme of Something Missing, I centered the game around giving up your arrow keys at designated nodes in order to reach the goal. For this game I. Recycler - Weekly Game Jam 196 ← Return to game. Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. eeMalm 10 days ago (+1) Fun little game, I don't really understand the last level but managed to glitch it. Otherwise fun platformer. Reply. DragonMetals 10 days ago (+1) Actually one of my favorite submissions for this jam, being a little more centered around the theme would be nice and fix.

Weekly Game Jam # 173 - the Hidden Door. A downloadable game. My entry into Weekly Game Jam # 173. More information. Status: In development: Author: Cinos: Download. Download. Weekly_Game_Jam_No173_Project_theHiddenDoor.zip 2 MB. Community. Post first topic. itch.io · View all by Cinos · Report · Embed. Games › Free. Weekly Hour Game Jam. 176 likes. Every week, make a game within one hour

Category: Weekly jam 162. Categories. dev diary Post 50 Weekly jam 162. Weekly Jam Postmortem. Post author By silvernSkye; Post date August 24, 2020; No Comments on Weekly Jam Postmortem; The Game Link Aim for this Jam To finish a game jam game and submit it on time What I'm happy about I uploaded on time! I uploaded the day before the deadline! I like the music I picked Figured out buttons. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 98; Cannon Fodder - Weekly Game Jam 98. A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. An angry dragon is terrorizing your village. The only thing that calms the dragon is food. Luckily your village has a cannon designed to shoot balls made of vegetables, fruit, and meat. Theme: Tame a Dragon. Feeding the dragon fills the tame bar. The.

Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 196; Recycler - Weekly Game Jam 196. Run game. This is my first Game Jam and some feedback would be awesome! In Recycler you craft blocks out of loot to complete the levels. More information. Published: 1 hour ago: Status: Released: Platforms: HTML5: Rating (1) Author : Nizeplayer: Genre: Puzzle: Made with: Unity: Leave a comment. Log in with itch.io to. weekly game jam, a Studio on Scratch. =====RULES===== basically just follow the community guidelines and all that stuff You have only ONE week! #1weekgamejam - You have only ONE week! 1 Week Game Jam. Home Games (1) Activity Feed. Tweets with the hashtag #1weekgamejam, screenshots, video uploads, and blog posts of jam games will be pulled into the feed while they're being worked on. Loading feed... Jam Hashtag #1weekgamejam. Organizers Lincoln, Start: Feb 4, 2015 4:00:00 AM End: Feb 10, 2015 3:00:00 PM Voting. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 168; Tiki Torchure - Weekly Game Jam 168. A downloadable game for Windows. This is my first game jam game and my first original game that I've finished. I wasn't able to do sounds, or polish the UI, so it's pretty crappy. More information. Status: Released: Platforms : Windows: Author: Gwen: Install instructions. Unzip into its own folder and run Tiki.

Week 1 - 'Ice Space' Odd Week Long Game Jam OWLGJ - 'Beans' OWLGJ 2- 'Candy & Sweets' OWLGJ3- 'Science Fiction' OWLG4- 'Cyberspace' Even Weekend Game Jam EWGJ- 'Music/ Rhythm' EWGJ2- 'Western' EWGJ3- 'Adventure Game / Endangerment Simulator' EWGJ4 - 'Jumping' EWGJ5- 'Platformer' EWGJ6- 'Balancing Something/Equality' EWGJ7- 'Hunger' EWGJ8- 'Secret' Even Week Long Game Jam EWLGJ1- 'Visual Novel. Some game jams are local events, taking place in universities, conference halls, or other private spaces. The Global Game Jam takes place at the end of January of every year, with over 800 locations in 100+ countries around the world. The Ludum Dare is an example of a virtual game jam, an event where participants largely remain at home, but present their efforts at the conclusion of the jam Simon Ashcroft - Game Designer. Current Page: Home Blog About Me CV. Open Menu Close Menu. Current Page: Home Blog About Me CV. Previous. Previous. Work In Progress. Work About Me. Global Game Jam® Online might have been one of the most unique and challenging in our 13 year history but that didn't stop more than 28,000 game creators in 104 countries at 585 virtual sites around the world from making over 6,000 games! more. 139387140_845762319611015_177844780341968319_n.jpg. Keynote Speaker for GGJOnline (2021): Guy Yug Blomberg & The Games Industry Gathering . 26. Better late than never I guess. Reflecting on the first week of the Game Jam was difficult because from the point the theme was given (Wednesday) through to Sunday I struggled to formulate an idea that didn't relate directly to ideas that had already been shared in the webinar or on the forums. There were so many great ideas coming through from the group that all I could do was think about.

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#weeklygravityjam - Gravity jam is a weekly game jam with all sorts of themes every week. Weekly Gravity Jam (Week 1) Welcome to the Weekly Gravity Jam! Home Games Activity Feed. Tweets with the hashtag #weeklygravityjam, screenshots, video uploads, and blog posts of jam games will be pulled into the feed while they're being worked on. Loading feed... Jam Hashtag #weeklygravityjam. Organizers. Week 167 game jam Submission. This is my first submission and it was a lot of fun. I made this over about two and a half days, so really it's just the core mechanics of the idea I had. The idea is to hit a sweet spot shown in green by an indicator above the surface to gain momentum. Too low, and you fail, and once you leave the spot you start losing momentum shown by the bottom indicator. If. This is the first weekly 2 hour game jam. hopefully these will be every Sunday at about 12:00 PM. the theme will be released when the jam starts. Weekly 2 Hour Jam. Home Games Entries. Alas, no games have been entered in the jam. Jam Hashtag #weekly2hourjam. Organizers.

Devlog Weekly Game Jame #150 - Weekly Game Jam #150

Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 110; Island Bounce [For Weekly Game Jam 110: Floating Islands] A downloadable game for Windows. In this short game you jump around a colorful world filled to the brim with floating islands and fulfill request of the inhabitants. The music was created by Mijimo. More information. Status: Released: Platforms : Windows: Author: Zitronekoma30: Genre: Platformer. Weekly Game Jam 180. No additional info available for now. You can also check out these following projects: Weekly Game Jam 177 Yogscast Game Jam 2020 Extra Credits Game Jam 4 Weekly Game Jam 150 Runner Weekly Game Jam Jam Pendulum. More Unity Games & Projects. Share. Save. Show all projects by JordyAaldering. Blog | Feedback | About. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 123; Related games Related; Same But Different (Weekly Game Jam 123) Run game. Download Now. The way this game fits the theme of Same But Different is same CONTROLS but different PLAYERS. If you want good performance DOWNLOAD. The browser version doesn't run very good. ( I promise It's not broken. it's just the effects that I put make it laggy) More.

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Weekly Game Jam 177. No additional info available for now. You can also check out these following projects: Weekly Game Jam 180 Yogscast Game Jam 2020 Extra Credits Game Jam 4 Weekly Game Jam 150 Runner Weekly Game Jam Jam Pendulum. More Unity Games & Projects. Share. Save. Show all projects by JordyAaldering. Blog | Feedback | About. Just released our game for the Weekly Game Jam - Week 19. Tough week but it was done :D. The game is an asteroid-esque type space-shooter where you shoot asteroids to collect fuel for your hyper drive. The theme was attraction so first we experimented with having the asteroids have gravity but that turned out to be messy... Now you have an. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 152; Volunteer Guards (Weekly Game Jam 152) Run game. Here's a game I made with an artist I met over Discord! I didn't have much time this week, so it's a bit buggy, but I'm glad it's finished! More information. Status: Released: Platforms: HTML5: Author: Frances: Genre: Strategy: Tags : Tower Defense: Comments. Log in with itch.io to leave a comment. Weekly Game Jam - Week 106 - 'Oh No!' Short Track » Devlog. 1 year ago by calawye. Share this post: I made this for Weekly Game Jame - Week 106. The theme was 'Oh No!'. You may be wondering how I got a short track speed skating game out of that theme. My first thought when reading the theme was Apolo Anton Ohno, the Olympic speed skater. I spent around 12 hours total on this prototype. Future.

Devlog for MOUNTAIN CLAMMER Weekly Game Jam 146 - YouTub

Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 77; Related games Related; Inner World (Weekly Game Jam 77 Version) A downloadable game for Windows. Download Now Name your own price. Travel between opposite dimensions in this platformer/puzzle game made for the 77th Weekly Game Jam! Controls. WASD - Walk. E - Interact with doors . Space - Switch dimensions. Credits. Music and SFX by: Deltapotato (Austin. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 124; Weekly Game Jam Entry: Fruitball. A downloadable game for Windows. My first Weekly Game Jam Entry. Made with Unity! More information. Status: In development: Platforms: Windows: Author: JonJ: Genre: Survival: Tags: Arcade: Install instructions. Download, Unzip, and Run the exe! Download. Download . FruitBallBuild1.7z 19 MB. Leave a comment. Log in with. Submission to Weekly Game Jam - Week 148; Fear the Mirror (148 Weekly Game Jam) A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Even though this is my first game, and I didn't have time to fix bug, add music, and make more levels, feel free to give advice on how I can improve it! More information. Status: Released: Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux: Author: Gilan: Genre: Puzzle: Download.

Weekly Game Jam: Week 137 - Flop. Cannon Crush. Video of gameplay here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5b71P7_6DE Game-a-Week is an intensive project module in which students will create about ten prototype games over the semester, (almost) one per week. The aim of this class is to get students comfortable with the practice of rapid prototyping: working quickly to create a small playable game that effectively proves or disproves a design concept. Drawing influence from game jams, the class will prompt.

Gamestop Acquires Video Game Streaming Company Spawn LabsGameboy Platformer Art | OpenGameArtHigh res fire ball | OpenGameArt“Alien” crosshairs | OpenGameArtSky Box - Sunny Day | OpenGameArtStep by Step How to Draw Baby HanumanLearn How to Draw Temmie from Undertale (Undertale) Step

Getting Ready for Game Jam!¶ Byte-Sized Updates¶. Audio: Refactored the audio system to be more versatile and usable, as well as added in 3D audio.; Primitives: Game entity primitives were created for the developer to be able to quickly instantiate a cube and other shapes, without having to make the models themselves.; Config Editor Tool: A tool was developed to help developers modify the. Runner Weekly Game Jam by c-squared87 - 2. Games & Projects. Game proof of concept with 3 demo levels built in Unity for a jam. DOWNLOAD. Unity 2019.3.11f1 Unknown License Updated 153 days ago Created on June 4th, 2020. Go to source. Entry for Weekly Game Jam Week 147 Theme, Invisible. Play it here. Project Takeaways: Testing is key. I ended up publishing this project under the working title. Een game jam is een wedstrijd waarbij deelnemers een computerspel proberen te ontwikkelen. De Nederlandse vertaling van game jam is computerspel ontwikkelingscompetitie, zodoende wordt doorgaans de Engelse term aangehouden. De Engelse term is een samenstelling van de woorden game en jam. Bij een jamsessie wordt muziek geproduceerd met weinig tot geen voorbereiding in een poging om nieuw. Seasons of Change - Weekly Game Jam 155. A downloadable game. Download Now Name your own price. A little exploration into a farming sim, centred around the changing seasons. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Potential future updates would include a broader choice of plants, sound effects and chance events. art asset credits to users https://ansimuz.itch.io/ and https://edermunizz.itch. The Grinch Returns. The Grinch wants to steal the New Year! Stop him! Add Game To Collectio Submission to Weekly Hour Game Jam - W32 2017; Weekly One Hour Game Jam Theme Checker. A downloadable tool. Requires the Microsoft .Net Runtime. This is a simple console app to check what the theme is for the weekly one hour game jam. The source code is included. It actually checks two different webpages in hopes that one will be the correct one and looks for the word theme. Then is spits out.

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